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The English actor stars as the lead in the Harry Styles -inspired fanfiction film, After. Talking exclusively to Daily Mail Australia on Thursday, he said the pair ‘were both very comfortable’ with the racy scenes. The actor plays bad boy Hardin Scott, whose fictional character was originally inspired by One Direction’s Harry Styles. Look familiar? The film is based off of Anna Todd’s fan-fiction novel, which was originally based off of Harry Styles from One Direction, however was changed after it was turned into a novel and film. In no way is Daily Mail insinuating that Harry Styles shares any likeness to the character, Hardin Scott, in the film. The Sign Of The Times singer has yet to comment on either the books or the new film, with author Anna Todd admitting her work is completely fiction and has never met Harry Styles. Pictured: Hero and Josephine in After.

Why Women Find “Bad Boys” So Attractive, Even Though We Know They’re Trouble

But to a niche group of One Direction fans, this film throws them back to the glory days. Not long after she arrives on campus, Tessa meets Hardin Scott Hero Fiennes-Tiffin , an irresistible bad boy who soon steals her heart. At the party, Tessa plays a game of truth or dare and is dared to kiss Hardin, the brooding boy dressed in all black who has finally decided to take a break from his side piece.

iBecome A Bad Boy, SimonandJeanetteAreBest, Freddie realizes Carly always falls for Will it be the end of their four year dating streak? (on ).

Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. Love ‘Lovecraft Country’? Every few years, the world seems to forget about horny teenage girls. They are a formidable force, not to be underestimated, and yet time, and time again we act surprised when they flex their collective muscles. Case in point: Twilight , and by extension, 50 Shades of Grey , a cultural phenomenon that would never have been possible without them.

Wattpad is a website where writers can post their work for readers to consume for free, and in return, readers can leave comments alongside the text as they read. This Harry was a manipulative, brooding bad boy, and he pulled Tessa into a world of drinking, sex, and a general vibe of emo-ness. Anyone familiar with fanfiction knows the above trope-heavy story is a staple of any fandom. The world may forget about horny teenage girls, but fandom never does.

Fandom is horny teenage girls, and collectively they provide each other with the stories they want to see. Obviously, there are plenty of people in fandom who are neither horny, a teenager, or a girl, but I maintain that that is the general vibe of the experience. By the time Todd finished uploading all chapters, the story had been read over one million times.

Mike Lowrey

Today I decided to write some fanfiction about Starmora aka Starlord and Gamora. I think they are the perfect pair. Gamora was nervous. She got asked on a date by Starlord himself. And she was just your basic green girl.

In the third installment in the Bad Boys trilogy, detectives Marcus Burnett (​Lawrence) and Mike Lowry (Smith) aren’t the spring chickens that.

If you have a banner which is featured on this blog, that is currently uncredited, please let me know and I will make sure this is rectified immediately. Will she give him a chance? Does he even deserve one? Banner by Elliania Where can I read this fic? Like this: Like Loading Can You Feel It? Where can I read this fic? When he forces her to do him a favor, she finds herself on the wrong side of the wrong sort of people… all except one.

Not from your friends. From your fellow police officers…from your brother. Sometimes, being left in the dark can lead to the light. Banner by mariescullen Where can I read this fic? Something Prince Edward knows all too well. Enter American bad ass actress extraordinaire, Bella Swan, the least suitable person for the role.

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The movie After , based on the book by the same name by Anna Todd, finally lands in theaters on Friday, April 12, but if you want to know exactly what you’re getting into before you catch the film , we’re here to tell you all the spoilery details from the book. Suffice it to say, if you don’t want to know what happens in the story, stop reading right now. After was originally published on Wattpad , a site for amateur writers to self-publish whatever they like.

Bad Boy Fanfiction – who is your favorite? up-to-date – like Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, Ryan Gosling, or a completely different bad.

My history with fanfiction is as detailed and embarrassing as history can go. The fourth and final phase in losing my shame has been publicly declaring my fanfiction addiction and succumbing to the whirlpool that is Tumblr fandoms I’ll get back to you when I manage to get my life back. It is laughable to me now how embarrassed I used to be by the hobby. The first time I approached the topic with a guy I liked, I was all kinds of terrified that he would be shocked and put off by it.

Mind you, this was before Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl assured us that there are blatant fanfickers in healthy relationships, so this felt like a significant risk to take at the time. Imagine my surprise when I came in full emotional battle armor and he was like, “Oh. That’s cool.

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Once, I went on a date with this guy, and when I found out he was a In the words of the eminent Reylo and Bad Fanfiction scholar Jenny.

He is played by Will Smith. Despite promising to flee with Isabel, Lowrey ultimately had her arrested as well as her husband knowing how dangerous she was. When heroin is stolen from the police department’s evidence locker, Mike and Marcus talks to an old informant, Jojo, to ask him if he knows any information about the heroin being stolen. Mike then contacts Maxine Logan , a hooker he knows.

He asks Maxine to keep an eye out for any high rollers who are looking to party. He then checks Lois Field’s house, only to find her killed by another unknown killer. Afterwards, the two partners decided to switch homes with Mike. Mike is seen to be the temporary Family man of Marcus’ House. He also joins forces once again with Marcus Burnett to search for the thief of the lost heroin and the killer of Maxine Logan in Club Hell.

Unfortunately, Fouchet and his men were able to flee the scene. Mike and Marcus then got back to their old informant, Jojo, to interrogate him again concerning about the heroin rumors happening around. They then proceeded to the rumored location to follow and track one of Fouchet’s employees to the location of the drug lab.

Unexpectedly, they were spotted and they were followed to Mike’s Condominium, resulting into a massive shooting in the reception and the kidnapping of Julie.

Captain Swan: A FanFiction Rec — Words Just Can’t Do Them Justice….

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Relationship experts explain why women find bad boys so attractive even when they know the relationships could be bad for them.

There he is, sitting at the back of the classroom. He doesn’t look interested when in fact he is interested. Very interested. In what? You’re teacher, Mr Whatshisface, is usually nice but today he’s being an ass. And since your late your bestfriend had a major breakdown last night! A Refuse and ask to sit someone else creating a big scene and possibly making a fool of yourself.

Let’s say you chose C and you’re now walking towards him. Everyone one in the class holds their breath. Tina mutters sorry and you glare. You pull out the chair, put your books down and as soon as you small ass sits down everyone lets out a sigh and turn back to the board. Half way through the lesson you have to do partner work.

Harry Styles Fanfiction-turned-film ‘After’ Will Have Fans Up All Night

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Min Yoongi is the complete opposite of Jungkook. Whilst the elder is never seen without his leather jacket, Jungkook always seems to don an oversized sweater.

All I’ve got – btsjeonjazz (angst, smut, fluff, badboy!jungkook); And they were It’s all fun and games – cupofteaguk (angst, fluff, fake dating!AU).

Why is it girls go for the bad boy in the first place? We are focusing on Bad Boys over time by letting you pick your favorite, write about them, as well as the reasons they are an awesome bad boy. We’ll soon find out If you choose to write a longer story, it must be between – words. Entries must be in English. Remember that you can also participate in the competition with a cover or a trailer! The form and way you choose to express it is up to you You may include fanart in a your story; or b as a movella on its own.

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